Radiation Reduction Software to Improve Patient Safety

Radiation exposure is always a concern with diagnostic studies and radiation therapy, and health care facilities are always looking for solutions to reduce patient and staff exposure to radiation. Utilizing low dose radiation helps reduce the chances of complications from radiation therapy and also protects the health of the medical staff, especially pediatric and female patients. This makes investing in radiation reduction software a smart financial decision for health care facilities.

Radiation dose reduction can be done through image quality enhancement. The software allows diagnostic studies to be completed with lower doses of radiation. Software companies specializing in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions create programs that enhance medical images.

By using radiation oncology software, medical imaging can be optimized, which enables reduced dosage while maintaining diagnostic confidence. This promotes greater patient and medical staff safety and improves the cost-effectiveness of medical imaging. Features and functionality of the software can be expanded from existing technology product solutions by developing new versions and new complementing technologies. Software development teams partner with hospitals and investors who drive change in the industry.

Radiation oncology software processes algorithms to enable radiologists to lower radiation dose exposures while images are acquired. The software can be applied to current technology and also support older generation technology, which extends the lifetime of existing equipment, making it cost effective. Software developers collaborate with an international network of research from radiology and cardiology experts with input from image-processing sciences. The software is designed with the ideas of the professionals in mind. The unique algorithms of the software are anatomy-specific and use 3D morphology for image optimization.

Keeping safety in mind is always a priority in health care. This extends to diagnostic testing and radiation therapy. Some medical practitioners will try to avoid using radiation in diagnostic studies, especially in pediatric and female patients, due to concerns about radiation exposure. Image optimization software provides a win-win solution. The diagnostic studies can still be performed but under lower dosages of radiation. The image is filtered through a computer to get a result comparable to images with higher radiation doses. Family members and patients can feel confident knowing their health care facility is taking steps to reduce radiation exposure without sacrificing image quality. Radiologists would benefit from considering low dose radiation software for their facilities to deliver on the promise of patient safety.


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